MIT Researchers: Graphene Advances Could Lead to More Robust Quantum Computing Insider Brief “Fractional charge,” is exceedingly rare, and if it can be controlled, it could help to build resilient, fault-tolerant quantum computers. MIT physicists have observed the elusive fractional charge effect in five layers of graphene. The exotic electronic state could help to build resilient, faul

Scientists Closer to Solving Mysteries of Universe After Measuring Gravity in Quantum World Insider Brief University of Southampton-led team of scientists at successfully detected a weak gravitational pull on a tiny particle using a new technique. They claim it could pave the way to finding the elusive quantum gravity theory. The team used levitating magnets to detect gravity on

Xanadu Receives $3.75 Million CAD to Boost Quantum Research, Education  Southern_Ontario Insider Brief Xanadu receives $3.75 million CAD through the Regional Quantum Initiative to accelerate the development of quantum software for practical applications. The repayable contribution is ai

France Advances Quantum Technology Export Controls under New EU Regulation Framework Insider Brief France recently enacted a comprehensive national control list, directly responding to the disruptive potential of quantum computing. The move is in adherence to the European Union’s Regulation 2021/821 from May 20,

Russian Scientists Expect a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer by End of 2024 Insider Brief A Russian scientific advisor told the country’s media service that the team has successfully developed a 20-qubit quantum computer. They also told the media service that they have plans to up the qubit number to “50 to 100” qubits. The scientists believe they ca

New Superconducting ‘Flowermon’ Qubit Boosts Stability of Quantum Information Insider Brief Researchers published a paper describing a new superconducting qubit expected to increase coherence times in quantum processors. Terra Quantum announced the publication of the research paper that introduced the “flowermon” qubit. The team said it represents a new class o

In Step Toward Quantum Networks, IonQ Generates Photons Entangled With Ions Insider Brief IonQ announced it has generated photons entangled with ions repeatedly and reproducibly. The company stated that this is a critical step toward creating future quantum systems to communicate and transfer information between each other. It will also play a role i

Harnessing the Power of Neutrality: Comparing Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing With Other Modalities Quantum computing promises to dramatically increase processing power to tackle certain types of computational challenges, leveraging the strange and counterintuitive properties of quantum mechanics. What many people do not understand is that

NEC and D-Wave Introduce New Quantum Offerings to Australian Market Insider Brief NEC Australia and D-Wave Quantum Inc. are partnering to release two new quantum services to the Australian market. The services include quantum consultancy service and Leap™ Quantum Cloud Service. They will offer options for Australia’s commercial sector, federal and state governments, and a

Diraq Opens New Commercial Laboratory in Sydney to Propel Era of Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing Insider Brief Diraq announced the official opening of its new state-of-the-art commercial quantum computing laboratory located on the campus of UNSW in Sydney, Australia. The lab is 200 square meters and provides a low-vibration and interruption-free environment for quant

NVIDIA Accelerates Quantum Computing Exploration at Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Insider Brief NVIDIA announced that Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre will add the NVIDIA® CUDA Quantum platform accelerated by NVIDIA Grac

Novel Solutions for Continuously Loading Large Atomic Arrays Insider Brief Atom Computing researchers have invented a way to keep the atomic array at the heart of the company’s quantum computing technology continuously populated with qubits. The researchers released a paper describing how to assemble a 1,200-plus qubit array. Officials say the work ensures that as Atom Computing scales to la

Apple Unveils Post-Quantum Secure Messaging With iMessage Insider Brief Apple said its iMessage service is ready for post-quantum cryptographic era. In a company blog post, the Apple security team announced PQ3, a pioneering PQC protocol. iMessage with PQ3 secures not just the initial key exchange but all subsequent messaging, thereby achieving the coveted Level 3 status. In a c

South Carolina Proposed $15 Million to Provide Quantum Computer Access Insider Brief South Carolina is proposing that $15 million in the current state budget will help facilitate access to quantum computing. Senator Dick Harpootlian, a vocal quantum advocate for the state, was credited with the initiative. The South Carolina Quantum Association

Illinois Governor Requests $500 Million For Quantum Insider Brief Illinois governor Governor J.B. Pritzker earmarked $500 million for quantum in his latest budget proposal. The proposal includes $300 million for a cryogenic facility. It’s part of a broader strategy to position Illinois as a central hub for semiconductors, quantum computing and artif

Bluefors launches Microwave Readout Module with a TWPA Bluefors has announced the launch of their readout line solution that includes a traveling wave parametric amplifier (TWPA). Named ‘Microwave Readout Module’, it enables near-quantum-limited amplification of signals at millikelvin temperatures with minimal added noise. The product

Securing Digital Trust in an Era Dominated by Quantum Computing & AI In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the advancements in quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are setting new frontiers in cybersecurity. As these technologies advance, the challenge of ensuring digital trust becomes increasingly complex. Dig

PASQAL, University of Calgary and Quantum City Initiate New Quantum Computing Partnership Insider Brief PASQAL announced a partnership with the University of Calgary and its Quantum City hub to advance quantum computing research and education. The collaboration aims to advance quantum technologies, foster innovative research, and create a robust talent pipeli

Quantum Economics: Could a New Economic Paradigm Be Guided by Quantum Models? The term “quantum” has an uneasy history. Originally referring, of course, to the behavior of atomic and subatomic particles, marketers have splashed the mysterious-sounding adjective on labels for everything from soap to fishing rods to headphones. Unfortunately, for many in the scientific c

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